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The 2008 crop is in short supply, but has the best flavor and size in years.

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Storing Pinon nuts
Storage safety

Proper storage of food products is a good idea.

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Proper storage for Pinon & Pine nuts

Freshly harvested pine nuts have moisture in them. Pinon nuts will lose weight as they dry. This is normal. They need to "breath". Avoid air tight sealed containers like plastic bags or plastic food containers because without fresh air they will eventually go rancid.

If you do not plan on eating Pinon nuts right away it is a good idea to store them in a thoughtful way. Pine Nuts and Pinon nuts need to be stored in a dry area that does not get too hot. Small amounts can be placed in a paper bag or a cotton sack. If you do it this way, they will eventually dry up and get hard. This does not affect the flavor at all. If you live in a humid enviornement, try to keep the pinon nuts in a non humid area. Do not freeze Pinon nuts.

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