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The Piñon Man's been online since 1999!
Sellin Piñon ... since way back when!

New Mexico Piñon Nut Co, llc
The ONLY A+ rated piñon co by the BBB

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WE are the ONLY A+ rated piñon seller by the BBB

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New Mexico Piñon Nut Company, llc
Read about us! In the last year we appeared in:
New Mexico Magazine, Albuquerque Magazine, Santa Fe New Mexican, Durango Herald, Arizona Republic
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For phone orders call (505) 288-8500
email pinonnut@gmail.com

Buy fresh, delicious New Mexico piñon nuts direct from the New Mexico Piñon Nut Company right here!
We only sell authentic Piñon nuts from New Mexico - the number one pine nut in the world.

If you have ever tasted that creamy, toasted buttery - nutty flavor, you remember how that flavor explodes
when fresh roasted right!. We roast it right - not light.

This website - in addition to being a place to order delicious piñon nuts - is also a source of information.
You can learn how to roast, or factual information about pinon nuts.

If you need detailed information, even after you read the F. A Q. page, go to our links page.

Our Piñon is always hand gathered.
We always sell out, our crop is always the most recent harvest.

We sell only 100% New Mexico Piñon nuts - the premium Pine nut.

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