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Freshest crop Big NM Raw Piñon.
Fathers Day Sale!

sold out - roasted selling out soon

LOCAL PRICE TODAY in Abq NM other sellers are charging 25+ for a1/2 pound sandwich baggie of Nevada Pine nuts - (FYI The sandwich bag is not 1 pound.) WOW! We are selling real pinon for less!

Roasted & Salted are sold below

Roasted & Salted NM Piñon.
Only we have Big Fresh NM Piñon!
Not Selling - ask us next year if we might

Raw large Pine Nuts - Jumbo Soft Shell
Double the size of NM Pinon! Not NM Pinon but good
Snap open with your fingers!

sold out check next week




We sort, clean, and slow oven roast in a process that we think is second to none.

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