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NM Piñon Nut Co, LLC
is celebrating 30 years
Thank You!
Thanks for over 4200 Facebook likes & reviews!

Easy to send as a gift!
If another name is on the ship to address-
We will put to: From on the letter inside!
USPS has raised rates 5x this year!

We have the only NM Piñon left -
All local vendors are sold out

Slow Roasted & Salted NM Piñon
1 pound max order for now.
Check back next week- thanks

R&S Pinon Nuts

Help me keep up please order 1 pound Max for now. Thanks!
FRESH Craft batch Roasted! BIG ONES!

Roasted & Lightly Salted Piñon Nuts
Picture used for illustration
We only use a hint of salt

IN SHELL Pine nuts- Order shelled below

Shelled Organic wild crop pine nuts
Ready to eat or use in recipes
Highest quality and fresh!


Eg. of bag sizes 1/2 pound sandwich size baggy weighs 8 oz. Yes the 2021 side of the road $30 baggy is a half a pound. You save money with us! Our 1 pound is 10x6 weighs 16
oz including packaging.The 2 pounds bag is shipped in a 10x12 and weighs 32oz.The 5 pound bag is 11x15 and should be stored double bagged in the freezer.

Uncooked raw shelled

I humbly ask you to support for my 2 kids Boy Scout troop's activities by buying popcorn or donating.
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After a minute, if you dont choose a popcorn it lets you donate $5 as a good choice if you dont want popcorn.
Thank you!



We sort, clean, and slow oven roast in a process that we think is second to none.

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