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NM Piñon Nut Co, LLC
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Shelled Organic wild crop
Papershell Piñon pine nuts

Ready to eat or use in recipes
Highest quality and fresh!


Check shipping address and if wrong call/ text 505 288 8500 ASAP


Uncooked raw shelled

Roasted & Salted Papershell Piñon nuts
Back by popular demand!
Closest flavor to NM Pinon. Delicious!
Weve sold thousands lbs of papershell before
We are lucky to have them. Buy with confidence.
This batch is medium salted like the picture.


Roasted Salted Papershell Piņon Nuts - in shell

Fast shipping for Father's Day

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(These are not Nevada Pine nuts - These taste GREAT!)

Eg. of bag sizes 1/2 pound sandwich size baggy weighs 8 oz. Yes the 2021 side of the road $30 baggy is a half a pound. You save money with us! Our 1 pound is 10x6 weighs 16
oz including packaging.The 2 pounds bag is shipped in a 10x12 and weighs 32oz.The 5 pound bag is 11x15 and should be stored double bagged in the freezer.

Roasted & Salted
Papershell Piñon Nuts

These are IN SHELL
Order shelled above

Roasted Papershell Piñon nuts - No Salt
Closest flavor to NM Pinon.
scroll down for higher quantities

Roasted & bagged ready to ship today!

Raw Papershell Piñon nuts
Fresh crop - Delicious! Great Price!

RAW PaperShell Pinon

Closest flavor to NM Pinon.
Now shipping fast





We sort, clean, and slow oven roast in a process that we think is second to none.

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