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Freshest crop Big NM Raw Piñon.

sold out - roasted selling out soon

LOCAL PRICE TODAY in Abq NM other sellers are charging 25+ for a1/2 pound sandwich baggie of Nevada Pine nuts - (FYI The sandwich bag is not 1 pound.) WOW! We are selling real pinon for less!

Roasted & Salted are sold below

Roasted & Salted NM Piñon.
Only we have Big Fresh NM Piñon!

R&S Pinon Nuts

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Raw large Pine Nuts - Jumbo Soft Shell
Double the size of NM Pinon! Not NM Pinon but good
Snap open with your fingers!

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Fresh Pine Nuts - Jumbo Nevada
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We sort, clean, and slow oven roast in a process that we think is second to none.

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