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How to Roast
Pinon & Pine nuts

Conventional oven roasting
microwave recipes follow

Careful! Piñon nuts are burn easily!

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How to Roast Pinon & Pine nuts in a Conventional Oven

The New Mexico Pinon Nut Company offers delicious fresh in shell and roasted Pinon pine nuts online here. We would like to share some roasting tips with you Remember to rinse off the Pinon nuts (pine nuts) before you cook them. Put them in a spaghetti colander and rinse them off while stirring around for a minute. (Remember early season fresh pinon nuts takes longer to roast because they have moisture in them, and only trust taste testing because if you only look at the clock - they are going to burn...)

1) Wash them in a strainer. Preheat your oven to 325.

2) Spread the wet pinon nuts out one layer deep on a baking pan.

3) Sprinkle salt (optional) on top. I would not worry about too much salt - extra salt falls off very easily after roasting.

4) Start taste testing after 10 minutes. Some ovens can finish in 10 on the top rack and some take up to 30 minutes. The aroma will tell you when to taste test as this is the only way know. While tast testing watch to see that the color of the pinon kernel meat inside the shell will change from white to translucent. After this translucent phase, the kernal meat's color will change back to off white (almost like it was never roasted) then it will continue to change to a light creamy butterscotch. KEEP TASTE - TESTING.

5) Consider turning off the oven off at this time... they are minutes away from being ready. Taste test one or two pinon nuts every minute. Keep watching the color change of the kernel meat inside the shell. Be prepared to take them out immediately... when they hit that light creamy butterscotch color - take them out of the oven.

Make sure when they are cooling off you do not put them in a bowl - because only the top nuts will cool off and the rest will burn. Transfer them to another baking pan to stop the heat transfer if you need too. Consider setting them outside to cool in the breeze if you need to.

The nuts will develop into a full manila envelop color while cooing off - mm mm you did it!

A few minutes more in the oven past this time will burn them.

Once you get the hang of it you might take them out before they hit the creamy butterscoch but keep them on the hot baking pan and let them finish roasting on the stovetop out of the oven. Just remember to tast test and they wont burn... otherwise they will....

The roasting time and temperature required will depend on how much moisture is still in the nuts (more moisture when fresh picked, and the altitude you are cooking in. In the high desert, it takes us longer to cook everything. Fresh early season nuts: The earlier in the season you buy, the more moisture. The more moisture, the longer the pine nuts take to roast.


MICROWAVE: After washing and salting the pine nuts (salt always optional) place 1/4 cup of Pinon nuts in a paper bag with the end closed. Cook one minute. When you take out a sample and it is translucent, stop... and wait one minute - the nuts will continue cooking after you remove them from the microwave from the inside out. (If the nuts have not started to turn creamy - put them back in the microwave for 15- 20 seconds at a time. You must wait half to one minute between each additional 20 second microwave cycle as th piñon nuts are actully still cooking after the microwave power stops.

You can always put them back in a little bit more if you are not satisfied... but you can't do anything if you have already burned the piñon nuts). Times vary because of differing microwave strengths.The main rule is "when the aroma starts, begin to taste and color test" When the sample changes from white and begins to become translucent, I cook for one minute more and take then sit at the table and keep testing.

Practice the small amount method until you understand the process enough to be daring to roast more..

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