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New Mexico Piñon Nut Company
Shipping Information

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Every order that we have ever shipped has arrived where it was shipped. We have never lost a package in all the years we have been shipping piñon nuts & we have been doing this longer than anyone else.

We are shipping pinon nuts - we figured a long time ago that is this business was going to work, all shipments had to have a tracking number. We made the right decision, in all the years we have been selling online - every single shipment has been accounted for........ If you put in your correct address, we guarantee you a problem free delivery.

The New Mexico Piñon Nut Company uses USPS priority mail for most domestic shipments because it is fast and reliable. Most shipments arrive to your door within 48 hours from shipment - we have tracked shipments to Alaska and Hawaii - same thing - most shipments arrive to your door within 48 hours, no longer than 3 days. We have been tracking these results for years..

Hassle Free International Shipping to Mexico & Canada, We have been shipping internationally for years. We ship 1 & 2 pounds to Mexico and Canada quickly. Place your order and fill out address as normal. Choose overnight option (it happens to be the correct upcharge - but will arrive in 4-5 days to Canada and 5+ days to Mexico. Email us with your questions. If you want more than 2 pounds shipped to Mexico or Canada, please e-mail us and we will quote you accordingly.

We ship Worldwide APO AFO shipping no extra charge. Fill out ship to like a regular shipment. We will fill out the customs paperwork for you at no charge.

Special orders e.g. large shipments we reserve the right to use alternative shipping methods like UPS at our discretion. We will notify you via e-mail you the corresponding tracking number with the shipment.

We love to hear from our customers. Please feel free to contact us. If there is anything we can do for you or any question you want answered, please let us know. After you contact us, please go through our site - More in depth answers can be found on our links page and our FAQ page

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